Know the “Buzz” Words!

In order to work within the Body of Christ with a pro-missions mindset, there are some key words you must know. The first is a “Missions Mobilizer”. Think of this as “public relations” for missions! You may serve on a missions committee at church or Bible study, or, just have the ear of other pro-mission persons in your areas of influence. But the point is, you are an encourager of people getting involved with overseas missions. By “involved with” we include funding missions, learning and talking about specific peoples or nations, and praying for unreached peoples.

If you don’t understand the meaning of unreached people groups (upg’s), these are individual peoples who have little to no access to the gospel where they live. And they may live in different countries. For example, the Fulani peoples of Africa are mostly Muslim, and they live in Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana and other nations. With the diaspora, some have immigrated to the West.

Another hot topic among mission workers right now is Disciple Making Movements, or DMM. For example, a mission worker (either a national or someone from another country) are trained to start small church in a village or larger city with perhaps one or two people. These initial participants are called “disciples” who are learning about Jesus, and these disciples will start making other disciples who, in turn make more disciples. Before long you have growing church!

Get involved and be a Missions Mobilizer! One place to start is with Youth With A Mission (YWAM’s) Frontier Missions (