Train Up A Child In They Way They Should Go…and Keep Praying For Them!

In some instances, the people that we as missionaries are trying to reach with the Gospel of Christ, “turn the tables” and try to evangelize us as Christians.  This happened in Tibet a few years ago, as a young, Christian American couple who were there and working to reach a people group that was Buddhist.  For reasons still unknown, one day the husband of the couple announced that he was converting to Buddhism!  His poor wife was distraught and didn’t know what to do! Thus they came back to the US for marriage counseling.   Sadly, in the end, they divorced and went separate ways.

In another instance, friends of ours in a Muslim nation, who have served there several years and have several young children, shared what happened when the missionary Mom took her youngest to a birthday party for a Muslim family’s 8 year old son.  Actually, the missionary Mom was hesitant to go, because in the past, there had been some uncomfortable circumstances.  However, in Muslim culture it is considered ill-mannered to turn down such an invitation.  So imagine her surprise when the 9-year-old Muslim daughter of the family, pulled the American Mom aside, and said, “Auntie, it is better to be a Muslim, and inshallah (“if God wills”) you will be one very soon.” Then she, as a child,  patted the American Mom’s hand!

This missionary Mom, who is doing an excellent job raising Christian children overseas, asks for prayer for her children’s spiritual upbringing and protection from whatever and however others may try to influence them.  And, as you pray for missionaries worldwide, please remember to pray for their families, as well.  The enemy of our souls hates it when Christians serve to bring enlightenment in a dark world.