When he cried out, Jesus answered!

(From “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World”, worldprayerguides.org) – Mahmoud, an Iranian refugee in Europe, regularly visited a local church, with the hope that they would support him in his refugee status. While he was there, he learned about Christian ways of worship, including the different ways that Christians fast.  As a heavy drinker, Mahmoud was inspired to abstain from alcohol for 40 days.  On day 39, he was overcome by temptation and bought a bottle alcohol.  As Mahmoud took the first sip, he cried out to the Lord, “Jesus! If you are real, help me keep fasting!”

Mahmoud’s  friends and family witnessed his astounding transformation through Christ, who set him free from his addiction.  Mahmoud’s profound testimony and transformed life became an inspiration to others.

In recent years, a significant number of Iranians have sought refuge in Europe, driven by factors like social injustice, political issues, and persecution based on their faith and beliefs.  These people embark on the journey to Europe with the hopes of attaining a safe life, security, a place to call home, freedom, and a promising future.  But as well as this, many Iranians are searching for truth, hope, and spiritual refuge.

Jesus can be the answer to their search.  Throughout history, He has shown compassion and met people at the point of their deepest needs and struggles.  Similarly, in Europe today, Jesus continues to manifest His presence among Iranians and others who are seeking refuge.  He reaches out to them in their moments of greatest suffering, offering comfort , healing, freedom, salvation, and hope.


That God will use the needs and challenges faced by Iranians in Europe to draw them closer to Himself.

That Iranian Muslims will encounter the person of Jesus Christ as they seek assistance and find true refuge and solace in Him.

That Christian churches will be open to Iranians, offering care, fellowship, and security.