Discipleship Making Movements (DMMs)… Right Here in North America!

(From brigada.org)  By now, we’ve all heard how hard it is to launch disciple-making movements (DMMs) in North America. That’s why, when we see glimmers of hope on the horizon, we celebrate what God is doing all the more. MultiplyUs is an ongoing series of online events designed to “bubble up” instances that should serve to encourage us not to give up. Past online conferences have featured encouragement from actual DMM groups around the USA.  One young movement spawning from Kansas City  has already mushroomed to include 100+ new groups in less than 2 years! To learn more, visit: https://MoreDisciples.com/MultiplyUs.

DMM’s are definitely helping to spread the Gospel of Christ overseas, and Youth With A MIssion (YWAM) is now actively teaching and using it throughout the world. But when we learned about it being used here in America, we wanted to share this article with you!