“Healing Is Now Illegal!”

This story is true, and comes to us firsthand from a frontline worker in northeastern India, in the State of Assam. 

That region of the country is 61.4% Hindu, 35% Muslim, and 3.74% Christian (higher than the national average of 2.3% Christian).  Yet persecution against Christians is continually on the rise, from loss of jobs, harsh restrictions on Christian schools, and even breaking into churches during worship services.  Furniture is broken,  worshippers are savagely beaten, and pastors are beaten and often arrested.  

But recently the Chief Minister of Assam said at a press conference that he is proposing legislation to “curb evangelism” in Assam.  It was announced that “healing people would now be illegal”, adding that “healing is a very dicey subject!”  He said that “the purpose of Christianity’s healing is to convert people”. (Conversion to any religion other than Hinduism is illegal.) The Chief Minister then said that in order to “keep the balance” in Assam, it was important to let “Hindus be Hindus, Muslims be Muslims, and Christians be Christians.”  Please pray for the protection of Christians in Assam, and for  hardened Hindu hearts to be open to the gospel message of love and forgiveness.

Watch this brief video from The Waiting World series to learn more about Hinduism: