The Price For Proclaiming Jesus

(From Era (name changed) and his friends live in South Asia. They were sharing Jesus with some college students. Among them was a person who is part of a radical religious group. This person accosted Era, scolding and mocking him, and also tried to beat him. Fortunately, some onlookers stopped him, but they also warned Era not to share Jesus on the campus again. After that, some people went to Era’s house-owner and pressured him not to allow him to stay in the house anymore. Now Era and his wife are searching for a new house, but people in the town are unwilling to rent out their house to believers. The few homeowners who are willing are asking for double or more than double the normal rent rates.

-Pray for Era and his wife to get new housing at an affordable rate.

-Pray for their protection as they follow Jesus in a hostile community.

-Pray God connects them with non-believers who are open to the gospel.

-Pray for those who oppose the gospel, that they would meet Christ like Saul did.