Misuse of Anti-Blasphemy Law

(From Pray4Asia.com) – Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim nation in South Asia. They have an anti-blasphemy law that punishes offenders with fines, jail time or even death.  It is not uncommon to see false accusations of blasphemy against religious minorities like Christians. Neighbors recently saw what they thought was a woman tearing up the Qur’an, and a bloody riot ensued with people falsely imprisoned and beaten.   A major newspaper in Pakistan wrote:  ‘The blasphemy law in its present form has become more of an instrument of persecution and vendetta than of justice.”

  • Pray for Christians who are presently imprisoned due to the misuse of this law. 
  • Pray they receive strength and encouragement from the Lord in their suffering.
  • Pray for the protection for thousands of Pakistani believers who are trying to obey Jesus by proclaiming the gospel.
  • Pray for this unjust law to be revoked.