Among the Banjara of India: Provision and Salvation

(From A Banjara community in west India was struggling with an acute water shortage. Each morning people would have to bring water in large drums placed in tractors. Some women would also carry water in containers on their heads.  Seeing this, a man decided to help by providing funds for a borewell.  Because the area is hilly, people said it would not be possible to get water .  Even in plain areas, borewells are normally 100-200 feet deep to ensure access to a sustainable groundwater source.  However, a church planter and his team said that God is able to give water out of a rock.  So they praised God and began to dig.  Amazingly, at just 75 feet deep, they hit water! 

Through this borewell, the community now has access to water.  This miracle opened the door for the church planter to share the Good News with the community.  Now 3 families have believed and said “yes” to being baptized. 

*Praise God for the remarkable provision of water for the community.

*Praise God for the door that opened for the gospel as a result.

*Pray for the new believers to grow in their discipleship.

*Pray the new believers receive simple training on evangelism and disciple-making. 

The Banjara of India is a Hindu unreached people , and, and here is more information about Hinduism from that series: