Slaughter of Christians in Nigeria

US national news reported this past week that Muslims in the northern region of Nigeria made another raid on villages where Christians from the southern, mostly Christians, lived after having been displaced.  “Terrorists reportedly identified as “Fulani militia” stormed two villages in central Plateau state overnight Thursday, killing 21 people and making a mockery of government checkpoints set up after police received tips that local “bandits” were organizing an attack.

Nigerian media identified the affected areas as two villages in Heipang, Plateau, with a large population of internally displaced civilians. Plateau is part of Nigeria’s “Middle Belt” region that divides that Muslim-majority north from the Christian-majority south and has experienced years of radical jihadist attacks meant to eradicate the Christian population. The attackers are largely young men belonging to the majority-Muslim Fulani ethnic group; locals say they arrive on motorcycles or on horseback and steal locals’ homes and farmland by attacking with gunfire, machetes, and other weapons.

Friends of The Waiting World who live in Nigeria have asked for prayer before, as the Fulani militia continues the persecution of Christians living near the Muslim northern half of the nation.  Please pray that this slaughter and persecution of innocent civilians ends soon!

In case you haven’t seen it, here is The Waiting World video about the Fulani of Africa: