Free Online Conference Brings HOPE!

Today, more Muslim immigrants have moved to the West than ever before. Perhaps you are working with a Muslim at your office or perhaps you have neighbors who are Muslim. Do you ever engage them in conversation? Have you invited them into your home for a meal or coffee? Do you even know where to start? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then you may be interested in the September 13th “Hope Conference 2023” sponsored by the Crescent Project, Crescent Project was founded in 1993 by Fouad Masri as a way to help people better understand and love Muslims. Since then they have helped over 300,000 Christians worldwide.

The conference is FREE, and you will hear stories of hope and inspiration from an assortment of Muslim Background Believers (MBB). You will learn more about Islamic beliefs and how God is working among Muslims worldwide. You will learn how to connect with Muslims in engaging ways. And, perhaps most important, you will learn how to connect online with Muslims overseas, form some wonderful relationships, and, perhaps, have opportunities to share the Gospel.

The Crescent Project is a wonderful organization that can open your eyes on Islam, as well as doors for you to new opportunities in ministry no matter what your age. It’s easier than you may think! To register for this conference, go to You will also see a video by Fourad Masri about what you can expect from this year’s Hope Conference.

The Punjabi people of Pakistan are just one of the many Muslim unreached people groups we need to reach: