Iranians See Visions of ‘Man In White’

(This story comes from CBN’s  Faithwire) – The founder of a ministry devoted to serving the Iranian underground church said many people in the restrictive nation have encountered Jesus through dreams and visions — a phenomenon that’s potentially foreign to Western cultures.  The Rev. Lazarus Yeghnazar, founder of Transform Iran, an organization preaching the Gospel to Iran and planting churches, told CBN’s Faithwire many Iranians find themselves enraptured by Christ following these apparitions.

“They cannot stop talking about it. Hence the severe persecution, the severity of the brutality,” Yeghnazar said of the persecution many Iranian Christians face. “[Believers will say], ‘I saw a vision of a man with a white robe, with a cross on his shoulder or on his heart, and he says, ‘I’m Jesus.’”  Read the full story and watch their video here: