Can This Be Our Heart-Beat Prayer?

According to The Joshua Project, the West African nation of Ghana has a population of 33,436,000 with a total of 111 people groups.  And yet, while the largest religious denomination is Christian, about 18% (20) of the people groups still remain unreached.  Recently a missionary mobilizer in Ghana asked this question and offered the following prayer, and we wonder if the rest of us in the Body of Christ worldwide can make it our prayer for the rest of this year?


“Lord, lay a soul upon my heart,

   And love that soul through me;

And may I truly do my part,

  To bring that soul to Thee.”

“Lord, lay a nation/ people group upon my heart,

  And love that nation through me;

 And may I truly do my part, to bring that nation to Your saving grace.”

AMEN, Lord, use me! Note: This prayer was initiated through an old hymn by Frederick Mouldin, “Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart”