Afghanistan: One Year Later

In the year since America pulled out of Afghanistan, life for the Afghan people has grown increasingly tragic and desperate. Government reports say that tens of thousands of the Afghan civilian and military personnel who helped US troops in their brave fight there for over 20 years were left behind and are now living in fear for their lives. Additionally, even though the US government has been helping to evacuate American citizens who were in Afghanistan at the time the nation was relinquished to the Taliban, reports indicate there are still at least 800 US citizens in country hiding and fearful for their lives. But what of the Afghan people themselves? Women have lost their rights to walk about freely and to get an education or work in their professions. Most of the people are hungry now because of the lack of food, and the coming harsh winter will not help things. Even Afghan men live in fear of the Taliban and their lives have many new restrictions. The economy is terrible. All of the people in Afghanistan need our prayers! Even the Taliban members need our prayers that their hearts will soften. That can happen! Stories from those who work among Muslims indicate that the love of Jesus can surpass and overcome the hatred in even the most hardened of hearts. One Muslim background believer from another country was recently asked what he was thankful for in his life. This new Christian said, “Thank you, Lord, because you are always with me; for transferring me from darkness to light. You are the only one who deserves to be worshipped. I love you my heavenly Father, everything inside me says thank you!”