Urgent Prayer Request From Northern Pakistan!

(From reliable Christian friends in Pakistan) We will call him “Mr. K”.  He’s a Pakistani Muslim Background Believer (MBB), and for the “sin” of turning his back on Islam and becoming a Christian, he’s been arrested, beaten and is being tried on Tuesday, June 14th.  His court advocate said “There is a 95% possibility that he has to deny Christ and accept Islam openly or potentially face death or his entire life in prison.  The issue is that once you are in the prison because of leaving Islam, you are absolutely not safe.  Everyone, from prison security to the authorities to the other prisoners are against you and will take the privilege to torture and murder Mr. K.”  Our friends are asking us to pray for Mr. K and God’s intervention in this situation.  Mr. K has shared that he will not deny Christ, no matter what.  Also pray that Christian organizations operating in Pakistan will be open and willing to assist him to fight his case and provide him security.  (Editor’s Note: If we get any updates, we will let you know.)

The Day of the Christian Martyr is June 29, 2022, per Voice of the Martyrs.