When we prayed for Central Asia

(From 2022 30-Day Muslim Prayer Guide) – When 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World was just beginning, Central Asia was unreached by the Gospel, hidden behind firm restrictions on religious and other freedoms.  We have included prayer for this region in almost every guide published.

Islam has dominated in Central Asia since it arrived in the 8th century by Arab conquest.  The Russian Empire restricted religious practices from the mid-1800’s in efforts to establish a secular state.  The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the relaxation of these restrictions and to a revival of Islam which was supported by Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia who sent Qur’ans and funded mosques.

In 1994 30 Days prayed for what was known then as the “Commonwealth of Independent States” – new nations who were engaging with the rest of the world for the first time.  We prayed for Christians to go to the region to help in practical ways, establishing healthcare, education, and businesses, and for resources to share the message of Jesus.

All these things happened!  In the last 3 decades, more Muslims have come to follow Christ in this region than ever — tens of thousands in some nations.  Thriving Christian communities, led by Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) have survived ongoing persecution from both Muslim and secular opposition.  Central Asian Christian leaders are taking part in global missionary events, contributing to the development of gospel resources for their own nations and creating their own worship songs and traditions.  Please continue to pray for Central Asia!