The Waiting World Volume #1 Is Now In Spanish!

We are pleased to announce that our unreached people group video series, The Waiting World, Volume #1, has just been posted in Spanish at The unreached peoples on Volume #1 include short, informational videos with specific prayer points for the Maratha of India, the Azeri of Azerbaijan, Shan of SE Asia, Golog of Tibet, Punjabi of Pakistan, Khmer of Cambodia, Uigher of Central Asia, Balinese of Indonesia, Wolof of Senegal, Zhuang of China, Pushtun of Afghanistan, and the Sasak of Indonesia. Thus a mixture of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Animist peoples are included on this volume, just as they are on all four volumes of The Waiting World series. The videos are ideal for church, Bible study, or personal prayer times. Please pray that all four volumes will soon be translated as many Christians in the Global South nations are increasingly interested in learning about their role in completing The Great Commission. (Matthew 28:18-20)