Superstitions in Religions

( has recently been sharing a series of excellent articles about Hindu beliefs and culture.  Our next few posts will carry several of those here in order to educate us all about the important beliefs of Hinduism.  We will start with superstitions, but actually superstition beliefs are rooted in nearly all major religions, including Christianity!  Did your grandparents have “lucky horseshoes” or rabbits feet?  We followers of Christ  may not hold as many strong convictions about superstitions as our Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslims neighbors do, but many of us hold some, just the same.  In fact, you might think of superstitions as “hedging your bets” about your religion.  Therefore if following one of 33 million Hindu gods isn’t enough to get you to a better place, then maybe some age-old superstitions will be! writes: “Superstition holds a powerful grip on many within Hindu communities, dictating daily activities with countless taboos and rituals that instill fear rather than faith.  For instance, some avoid cutting hair or nails on specific days or refrain from reading scriptures or praying until after a ritual bath.  Encountering the freedom offered by Christ can be transformative for those bound by such practices.  Yet, even some who come to faith find themselves reverting to old superstitions.  Let’s pray fervently for true and lasting freedom that overcomes fear.

  • “Pray for individuals overwhelmed by superstitions to experience the liberating power of the gospel, breaking the chains of fear and ritual.
  • Ask God to strengthen the faith of new believers, helping them to remain steadfast in their freedom in Christ.
  • Pray for the Christian community to effectively disciple, leading by example in living out a faith grounded in God’s Word.”

Note: pictured above is an “evil eye” which is found in many cultures.  If you believe evil spirits are all around you, you “can” ward them off with this symbol (Muslims call it a “na-ZAR”).

Here is one of the many unreached people groups that follow Hinduism, featured in