The Many Gods of Hinduism

(We continue on in the informative series Hinduism from  “In Hinduism, the belief in and worship of many gods is common.  (Hindu) Scriptures and tradition mention millions of deities, each with their own roles and stories.  Hindus strive to earn the favor and avoid the wrath of the gods.  When introduced to Jesus, Hindus often see Him as just another god among many, not as the sole source of salvation.  They may fear being punished by other gods if they follow only Jesus.  A revelation from the Holy Spirit is needed for them to see Jesus as the only way.

-“Pray for a clear revelation of Jesus as Savior and Lord, not just another god.

-Ask God to raise up and empower leaders from within these communities who will boldly claim the gospel and disciple others.

-Pray for a great harvest among Hindus, that many would come to know the love, peace, and salvation offered by Jesus.”

And, in case you haven’t seen it, here is the video that we here at The Waiting World. produced on the basics of Hinduism: