The Persecuted Church Craves Bibles

In 2023, we here at the Waiting World began having online conversations with a Pakistani Christian pastor.  After a few words of introduction, this pastor boldly asked us, as Americans, if we could help him purchase Bibles for his little church. As we prayed about this….after all, we didn’t know if this was a legitimate need or not… we felt the Lord was saying, “Yes! Give money to this complete stranger!”  Long story short, we have continued our relationship with this pastor over the past year,  and given him money more than one time.  And you won’t believe why:  starting from the very first distribution of Bibles,  THE WORD HAS GOTTEN OUT…literally!  

As the churches in Pakistan are under intense persecution from the government and families and neighbors, Christians there are HUNGRY for a Bible they can hold in their own hands!  That is, they don’t want audio Bibles, they want hard copy ones!  And when one church gets some Bibles then neighboring churches start asking, “How can we get some for our own people?”

The response from American Christians to our plea for help has been amazing!  Single, older people may give just $5.00, other friends are able to give $100, or more!  At this point, around 700 Bibles ( at $10@) have been given out!  Whole families and singles are receiving them, and we have the photos from our Pakistani pastor to prove it!  For security reasons, we cannot show you their faces, but the photo above is the very Bibles the pastor is receiving. At a recent distribution of Bibles, the people literally rushed forward and mobbed the front of the church to get them.  The need is great, and we give God all the glory!

One reason these people are so anxious to get Bibles is because they have no money to buy anything besides food and basic needs…and sometimes, not that.  Christians find it hard to get jobs, let alone keep them during a bad economy. They are always the first ones to get laid off if the economy takes a nose dive.  But, the good news is that with persecution, comes revival, and that may be just what is happening!

Voice of the Martys is currently trying to raise money for persecuted Christians around the world, and we encourage you to help support this very worthwhile cause.   Just visit their website at

In the meantime, we suggest you watch this video about one of Pakistan’s unreached people groups, the Baluch.  It’s from our prayer series, The Waiting World,