Set Free From Witchcraft!

(This true story from the mission field is from a Youth With A Mission, YWAM, team leader) The first time I met Chan (not his real name) was when I leading a team of young YWAM missionaries on an outreach to Indochina. Indochina refers to the mainland region of Southeast Asia. It is located south of China and east of the Indian Subcontinent. Countries in this region include Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and the peninsula of Malaysia. Although many of these people are Buddhist, others are either animists (worshipping spirits, rocks, and trees) or they mix their Buddhist beliefs with animism. With this comes the belief in witchcraft.

While there, we met a young man that we will call Kim. As our team prayed for Kim, who was involved in witchcraft, he apparently took an interest in learning more about this “Jesus” that the team mentioned. Imagine my surprise when, during the next time I was in Indochina to teach a Discipleship Training School (DTS) which is the basic corps course of YWAM that we use to train young people for missions, Kim was a part of our class!

“On my last day in Indochina, Kim admitted he was involved heavily with a lot of witchcraft before he came to Christ. Now, during his DTS, his sleep was severely troubled. He desperately wanted to be set free. That very day, during a prayer time, evil spirits manifested from Kim while he was in prayer. Thank God, Jesus set him free! On our last night he had his first night of peaceful sleep in a long time. He actually looked physically different that afternoon. Go God!”