“God Has Given Me A Task…”

(From the 2024 World Prayer Guide, “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World”) –  Note: There are many unreached people groups (upg’s),  mostly Muslim, in hundreds of countries around the world.  This is a look at one of those people groups in the nation of Ethiopia…

Amina is happy about every call she gets from her twin sons in the distant capital of Addis Ababa. For a long time she no contact with them.  During the two-year war, her home in the province of Tigray in the northern part of Ethiopia was cut off from all connections to the outside world.  The war between the provincial government and the Ethiopian army cost the lives of well over a half million people and hit the Tigray region hard.

When Amina realized that war was about to break out, she sent her sons to the distant capital.  They made their way there and were safe.  Amina has already overcome many obstacles in her life.  She was born as a Muslim and married young to an older man.  When she was given a Bible, she began to read it secretly.  Because her husband found out, he disowned Amina and her two sons and divorced her.  Since then, Amina has been a courageous follower of Jesus and shares her faith.  For this, she has faced much hostility and persecution, but has also led many people to Jesus.  Amina says, “My way was difficult and following Jesus has brought much suffering.  But God is faithful!  And He has given me a task:  I am allowed to share the Gospel with Muslims.” 

Orthodox Christians make up most of the population in Tigray.  However, ;in the eastern part of the province, where Amina lives, there are many Muslims (about 5-10% of the whole population of Tigray).  Historically the area has been Islam’s gateway to the region and to Africa at large. Evangelical Christians and churches are a tiny minority.  

Pray women like Amina will be role models to other believers.

Pray churches in Tigray will be allowed to grow and believers will boldly share their faith.