Reaching African Youth With The Gospel

In a recent online meeting for mission mobilizers from all over the world, we here at The Waiting World were so impressed by the number of young African nationals in their 20’s who are actively working all over that continent in order to mobilize the church for missions! Whether it’s teaching Youth With A Mission classes and Discipleship Training Schools (the basic corps course) to youth groups, evangelizing in villages, or preaching in churches to the congregations about the urgent need for Christians to answer Jesus’ command to complete The Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20), these mobilizers are, as one young woman said, “Willing to climb mountains, cross deserts, and go through jungles to carry the message of Christ to the lost and unreached!” Please! Pray for African mobilizers to help complete the task!

Here is just one African unreached people group that you can be praying for, the Gur: