Darfur – Part 2: YOU can make a difference for persecuted Christians!

While the problems of Darfur center around Arab Muslims, African Muslims, and African tribals, there are also a few African Christians living there, and they are hated by all of the aforementioned groups.  After all, it’s one thing to be African, but quite another to be both African and a Christian as far as the Muslims and tribals are concerned.  The abuse and tragedies are only compounded when you are a Christian living on Darfur.

Many of the African tribals are either Muslims or animists….believing in spirits that control their lives.  One such man we will refer to as “Naph”,  was born into a Muslim family. Naph converted to Christianity about 20 years ago.  He was baptized about 15 years ago, and he has suffered numerous imprisonments and beatings for the “ crime” of naming Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  You might call him a “hero of the faith”, but he is also a husband and father who has tried to endure as best he can in Darfur.  He is one of about 50 Christian families living in Darfur (there might be more, but we cannot confirm this).    Naph was hoping to get all 50 of these families out of Darfur and into a refugee camp in South Sudan.  The plan was to get them from South Sudan to Uganda.  Unfortunately, he only raised enough money to get 8 families out of Darfur.

But he has recruited some western Christian friends who are now trying to raise $2,000 to help all of these 8 families to a better life.  For the rest of those still stuck in Darfur, it is estimated that $200 per  person will be required to help these Christians get to safety.

THIS is where YOU can help save the persecuted African Christians!  A fund has been set up that will allow Americans to give a tax deductible donation to Youth With A Mission, “YWAM”. Online donations may b made to https://donate.ywamcos.org/partners.  PLEASE designate your gift for “SUD-Relocation fund”.  God bless you for any amount you can give! (Outside the US? Please email us via the contact page at thewaitingworld.net

To learn more about the tribal peoples of Africa, please the link below for a video about them from thewaitingworld.net