Radio Reaches Remote Thai Villages

(From Far East Broadcasting, High up in the mountains of Thailand sit isolated Hmong tribes. They number around four to five million people, but most are scattered across small villages in Southeast Asia and China. Dirt roads connect small modest homes and businesses. Chickens and dogs roam around the villages, and mothers, often with young children strapped to their backs, tend gardens and sell produce from small corner stores. In ethnic enclaves like these, very few people have access to Christian programming in their own heart language.

This is why Phairot (pictured above at one of his broadcasting locations) wakes up almost every morning before dawn to broadcast FEBC’s program in the Hmong language. He sets up several tripods and cameras, all live-streaming on different social media platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram, Tiktok, and more.

The hour-long program routinely has over 100,000 views across various social media channels. Hmong listeners interact from all over the world. On the morning that the broadcast pictured above took place, Phairot (pronounced pie-raht) prayed for listeners as far away as California and China.

For “Mee”, a middle-aged woman who lives in a small village in the north of Thailand, FEBC’s digital programs are a part of her daily routine. Sometimes she tunes in live on her phone. “Not everyone has power all the time in the villages, but almost everyone has cell signal…Many people even have more than one cell phone!” Mee says.

Mee and her friends will listen together and then discuss what they’ve heard afterwards. The Bible is a new concept for her village. Reading through it can be confusing without a guide, and for an hour every day they are able to hear Gospel messages from Phairot on how to interpret the Bible and live as true Christians. When asked what Mee and other villagers thought of the broadcasts, they said, “We love all of it…we just want more so we can continue to read the Bible and apply it to our lives.”

Your partnership with FEBC ( allows them to continue reaching Hmong villages.

Here is a link to The Waiting World video about the beautiful people of Thailand: