Have You Seen What’s At Your Doorstep?: Refugees and Global Missions!

There are several ministries working with refugees that will both serve the refugees and offer individuals and churches an opportunity to share God’s love.  Today we will look at one of these, the International Association for Refugees, https://www.iafr.org/

Established in 2009, the IAFR was founded in response to the need for an international Christian nonprofit agency devoted to the mission of helping people survive and recover from forced displacement.  They partner with churches, refugee churches, and the church-at-large.   

In 2009, of course, they had no idea that the world was on the brink of an unprecedented refugee crisis that would forge a defining role in the 21st century.  Together with the church, they are a force for hope, healing, and recovery in the world.  Mostly they are working in St. Paul, MN and Northern Colorado.

The IAFR helps displaced people with shelter, water, food, and basic medical care.  In their recovery efforts, they offer life-giving faith and emotional healing.  And, they offer churches and individuals an opportunity for training in order to help with refugees. You can support them financially, as well as by receiving their training or serving alongside them.

If you or your church would like to partner with The International Association For Refugees, here is a motivational clip about the need and one man’s story https://vimeo.com/837978924. This video comes from their website, https://www.iafr.org/