This is a true story from the frontlines of missions in Pakistan.  It’s also a bit of a “God story”, one that only He could orchestrate!  It all started when a pastor in Karachi mentioned to us his dream of  gathering together enough money to purchase 100 Bibles and distribute them among the members of his small congregation.  Those Bibles cost $5.00 each:  a price far beyond the reach of the average Christian in Pakistan, a nation in a very bad economic situation already.  But for Christians, it’s even worse! Due to the persecution against them in this Muslim nation, they lost their jobs and struggle to make ends meet.

 So for financial help, we turned to the congregation we attend here in Colorado, Springs Journey.  When told of the need, and the fact the people there in Pakistan may not have their own Bible, or even the Old or New Testament, our little congregation gave generously!!! So generously, in fact, that enough money was raised to purchase 443 Bibles! 

As the pastor in Karachi was distributing the Bibles, another small church, in Islamabad, asked for some Bibles.  This church is made up of poor widows who mostly make a substance living working as sanitation workers, and who often don’t make enough to feed their children. The church was started by a woman there who started inviting these women and children in for meals. A new church was born!  The Karachi pastor shipped the rest of the Bibles to Islamabad.  So, now all 443 Bibles are in the hands of new, needy believers in Pakistan!  Some of them have never even held a Bible before!  All glory to God!!  But the need is so great, and we think this project may just be getting started. 

Would you please pray with us about this Bible distribution and what would happen next?  We believe other churches here in the US might be interested in somehow partnering in the Bible distribution.  This is a God-sized project, and it’s all in His Hands!