A Saudi Woman’s Life Is Changed

(This is from Call Her Blessed, a Middle Eastern – based ministry that helps many Muslim women and their families) – “A lady who’s a Muslim background believer from Saudi Arabia came to our center in Zarqa with her neighbors. She said that she had been hearing about Jesus Christ through the media when she was in Saudi Arabia, and she loved Him but because of her strict family, she couldn’t ask questions or mention His name in front of people there. Then, she met her husband who was a Christian but had to convert to Islam to marry her. After 5 years of being married and with 2 children, they moved to Jordan where they lived in a Christian neighborhood. She knew her neighbors went to a women’s center (which happens to be our Call Her Blessed center in Zarqa), and she decided to go along with them. Eventually, she prayed and gave her life to Him, and she continues to come where we disciple her. (Call Her Blessed is a wonderful ministry that offers counseling and training to Muslim women who’ve often been in abusive situations or who are in financial need as refugees. If you would like to help support them in this work, please use the following link and designate funds for “The PLACE” and “Call Her Blessed Jordan”: