Sri Lanka: A Country in Chaos

(From Pray4Asia) – You’ve probably read about the riots in the nation of Sri Lanka, and the fact that the Prime Minister left. In his place, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe now serves, but after a great deal of rioting and a collapsing economy, the fate of this nation remains to be seen.

Women wait in foodlines in Sri Lanka

In January 2022, the price of sugar was Rs 149 (Sri Lankan Rupees) and that of Samba Rice was Rs 87/- Today it is Rs 260/- for sugar and Rs Rs 240/- for Samba rice. Even professionals with a reliable paycheck are finding it hard to survive a full month. Most Sri Lankans have been forced to cut back on portions as they can no longer afford to eat 3 meals a day.  Please pray for the people and government of Sri Lanka.

– Pray for healing of the economic crisis in this country. 

– Pray for the restoration of political and social order. – Pray for miraculous provision as people seek and encounter the One true God.