Amazing story from Ukraine!

(This story is direct from the front lines, per workers on the ground there…names and locations changed.) A transport carrying a large number of Russian soldiers stopped in the middle of the town of C*****.  The soldiers jumped out and started running in the other direction, leaving the transport behind.  Who knows what spiritual ambush they may have perceived that prompted them to run away?  A 13-year-old boy who had never driven a car jumped in the transport, got it started, and loaded it with children. He then drove them to safety!

Keep praying for this Ukrainian situation! Pray for families who are trying to get into Poland (this takes 2 days) and remember that males 18-60 are not allowed to leave the country; pray that Christians remaining in Ukraine will be able to minister through the power of the Holy Spirit; pray for Christians in Russia, and that the world doesn’t reject them because of the actions of their leaders. Many are speaking out in opposition, and this will hurt them in the long run, economically and otherwise.