A Woman Discovers Painful Truths About Islam (from Call Her Blessed, a ministry in the Middle East)

Raghad is 25 years old, and, after deepening her commitment to Islam, decided to wear the hijab, and began to pray and read the Qur’an, as well as Muhammad’s sayings and his biography.  In doing so,  she discovered a painful truth:  the founder of her faith was someone who had very low morals and was extremely violent.  So, she decided to leave Islam, feeling deceived, and full of anger and bitterness.  In the middle of this crisis, the Lord Jesus chose to visit her through a vision and revealed Himself to her.  In the vision, He extended His hand to water and gave it to her.  This encounter filled her with warmth and a feeling of love and tenderness.  Light and an extraordinary sense of safety entered her life.  When she shared this with one of our team members, she told Raghda about His love and His redemptive work on the cross.  After she had heard this, she joyfully accepted the Lord Jesus as her Savior.  Call Her Blessed continues to disciple her and rejoice to see how she is growing in the Lord.