A Remarkable Harvest of Souls

(This story is from the Jesus Film Project, a ministry of CRU) – “In nations where no ministry can go, the gospel is breaking through, via the internet, especially in the Middle East. Our Lord is appearing to many.  He is moving in their hearts.  Lives are being dramatically changed, and the story of Mamoud (not his real name) is just one example…

“Mamoud was in a disaster area, in the aftermath of that terrible earthquake in Turkey last year.  He was texting a person he had never met.  ‘There is rubble all around me, collapsed buildings, devastation.’  He had just seen a social media ad, ‘Would you like to know about Jesus Christ?’  Something resonated in his heart.  He clicked on the ad and in moments was connected with Marla, half a world away.

“She was part of an online team with the Jesus Film Project.  Via chat, he told Marla that he was devastated, surrounded by loss of life, (and) of dreams.  She asked why he responded to the social media ad.  He replied that he wanted to know more about Jesus.

“Over the next 20 minutes, chatting online, Marla shared the gospel.  It was a divine appointment.  ‘I had the privilege of praying with this young man as he took a courageous step of faith to start following Jesus as Savior and step into the family of God.’

“Over the next couple weeks and months, she taught Mamoud about his new faith online, personally guiding him through Scriptures, discipling him.  She linked him to Jesus Film online videos and lessons designed by Marla’s team for people from his background.

“From the day he believed, Mahmoud was transformed.  He wanted to share the gospel with his wife and family.  But he was anxious.  How would they respond when they learned he had abandoned the dominant religion of their culture?  Turning to Christ in his nation can lead to persecution, even death.

“Yet he loved his wife enough to risk it.  Via chat, he asked Marla how God viewed women, and how two share his faith.  She suggested ways to talk to his wife and how to use Scripture.  Excitedly, he left the chat and returned later that night.  ‘Guess what? She believed!’  While he was typing the news, he said his wife was on the phone calling her sister and brother-in-law about the truth of Jesus she had just discovered.  Within 30 minutes, they too received Christ!

“Over the next few days, Marla was busy mentoring other seekers who had responded to the ads. Then Marla felt compelled to check back in with Mamoud.  Marla was encouraged by his answer.  He and his wife had shared the gospel with Mamoud’s sister, who also believed.

“The next day, his sister told the good news to her fiancé and he believed.  They even shared a Scripture at their recent wedding. In the ceremony they read from Revelation Chapter 19: ‘Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns.  Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory!  For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready…’

He typed verse 9 to Marla, ‘These are the true words of God.’  Mamoud then said:  ‘There’s about 30 of us now!  I can track 6 generations of our spiritual family tree!  We don’t have a church building, but we meet in our home on Saturdays. We just finished all your lessons.  I hope it’s okay, but we’ve moved on to the Gospels!’

Only God could have done this, and He is doing more, much more. Millions of these social media ads have been placed.  People see the words:  ‘Would you like to learn about Jesus Christ?’ Or ‘Has Jesus Christ come to you in a vision or dream?’  Such experiences shake many to the core. Their quests begins.”

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Mamoud was very likely a Muslim (now he would be called an “MBB”, or Muslim-background believer.  If you haven’t seen it, here is a video from thewaitingworld.net about a Muslim unreached people group: