The Islamic View of Prophets

Since we are still in the middle of the Islamic holy season of Ramadan, the next few posts here will focus on the religion and beliefs of Islam. Our thanks to for their recent articles on Islam in general.

Around 124,000 prophets are recognized by Islam. Some Biblical prophets are also recognized, 30 of whom are mentioned in the Qur’an. Of all these prophets, these 6 are considered major prophets of Islam: Adam the chosen Allah; Noah -the preacher of Allah; Abraham – the friend of Allah; Moses – the speaker of Allah; Jesus – the word of Allah, and Muhammed – the apostle of Allah.

We hope you are praying daily during Ramadan for Muslims worldwide to have open hearts and minds to the message of the Gospel of Christ, and especially for them to have dreams and visions of Jesus. Here’s is one prayer you can pray: “Lord, we pray that Muslims will have a revelation that Jesus is more than a prophet. We pray that they will see that He is the foretold Messiah who came in the flesh for the purpose of saving all mankind.”

And, again, here is a short video on the basics of Islam from