Did You Know??

(Stats from YWAM’s Mission Mobilizers) -UNREACHED people groups means there are not many churches among the people of a nation. UNENGAGED means there are NO missionaries even trying to start a church among the people. Thus “unengaged people groups” are unreached, and “unreached people groups” MIGHT be unengaged, but they all still need to hear the Gospel of Christ.

Nearly 75% of the world’s unreached people (3.6 billion) live in 12 countries, and those nations (alphabetically) are: Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. This is calculated according to population size, and so, for example, in a large population, even a small percentage, means a large number of people. North Korea is 99% unreached, but because it is a small population, that 99% does not make up a significant population size. In another example, 10% of the Chinese population is 141 million, while the entire population of the Philippines is 115 million. Thus, even if China is just 10% unreached, their unreached population size is larger than the entire country of the Philippines.