Please Help Ukrainian Kindergartners

(From YWAM Slavic Ministries) – Christian workers in Ukraine are grateful for your prayers, and support and have asked that we all remember the good people of Poland and Romania in our prayers.  They equate the help of these 2 nations to the two men who held up the arms of Moses to see victory.  In Poland, for example, a free kindergarten for Ukrainian children is being established by a sister ministry, “Education with Values” Foundation, that has opened 30 kindergartens in Poland in recent years. They are doing this with the cooperation of the Warsaw Archdiocese Caritas.  Currently they operate 6 kindergartens in Warsaw with 240 children attending, and another is to open soon.  This will make it possible for many Ukrainian teachers to have jobs, as well as provide early childhood education for the kids in their own language.  They will be able to serve 40-50 children in each location from 8am to 5pm daily.  Many of the children have dysfunctions like dyslexia, dysgraphia or various types of social disabilities, as well as being severely traumatized by the war.

They would like to be able to provide free meals for the kids (breakfast, 2-course meal, snack) which works out to $4.00 USD and they need financial assistance for this. They hope to run their classes from April through August, 2022, and they believe after that the situation in Ukraine will clear up. The total cost for meals is estimated at $103, 950.00 USD. From May onward, they will be evangelizing in the Ukrainian language and providing each child with Bible lessons. They are looking for preachers and evangelists in the Ukrainian language.  If you’d care to donate, you may do it through: (This is the preferred way for US citizens. We tried the SWIFT account but learned there is a rather hefty fee involved. Be sure to click on “other” for your designation and then type in “Ukrainian kindergarten in Poland”.)

Or: “Education With Values”  Foundation

 Nowoursynowska 154A

02-797 Warsaw

NIP: 951-23-82-185

KRS: 0000518975  REGON: 147365147

For Donors From Outside Poland:


IBAN: PL 63 1140 1977 0000 3309 6000 1026

Transfer title:  Kindergartens for children from Ukraine