Voices From Ukraine

As we’ve said before, not much can be shared about the actual names and locations where ministry is happening in Ukraine due to security reasons.  Yet the voices of workers currently serving there and who are desperate for our prayers, must be heard by the rest of the world!  Here is a sampling:

“Our greatest fear right now is that the world will forget about Ukraine! First hours, first days, first week everyone was talking about this shocking war. People would go to bed, wake up in the morning with news about Ukraine…are they still standing??  Is Kyiv still standing??  I understand that life goes on, life is full of events and burdens for many.  But we need the world! We need the Church! We need all prayers!  Because we STILL NEED A MIRACLE!

“Yesterday our team rescued 45 people…we delivered 48 food boxes….we delivered 400 meals. Yesterday our team went to Church that had their service in the underground shelter…today they are taking meds to the hospitals, taking food to the needy and getting ready for a lock down. There is a lot of action happening…we are preparing for another wave of attack…there is an increase of troops.  Please pray! Stand with us! Don’t leave us! It’s a cry of our heart.”


“Today we went to deliver food and were close to the neighborhood that was bombed.  When we drove closer to the building, (we saw) a father taking his young son on a walk and telling him a story about a rocket that made people sad.  No anger. No hate. Just a story.  That’s how his voice sounded. Many people now need to tell such stories to their kids explaining new reality.  I don’t know how to end this post, because it seems no words can be suitable, but I believe that God has just the right kind of words every heart needs. Today we fed 300 people…Day 26.”


“Even though we couldn’t go out today, God made a way for us to reach out to people. Thirty-one rescued people from XXXXXXX were able to join a special worship/sharing time organized by our amazing staff.  We were so surprised that almost all of them came and spent more than an hour praying and worshipping even though they are non-believers! In such times our spirit knows how to find true peace.  God is never too tired to meet us today.  Day 27.”


Please, continue to pray for Ukraine!  If you would like a link to make a donation for funds going directly to workers and refugees, please contact us at thewaitingworld@mac.com