“God Has Changed Our Hearts!”

From YWAM Frontier Missions and the Hindu World Prayer Guide) – Hindus are the second-largest, least-reached religious group in the world, with only about 2 percent of cross-cultural ministers focused on sharing the gospel with them. This means that the majority of Hindus still live without any meaningful access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Not long ago, 5 Hindu fundamentalist leaders came to a gathering of Christians at a church meeting in India.   Around 50 or 60 people had gathered to worship Jesus. They came in and began to disturb the gathering, loudly singing songs to the Hindu deities. They accused Rakesh* and his friends of converting people and changing their religion.

Rakesh shared how he responded to this situation. “Ask the people here if I have converted any of them!” he told them. The leader of the group did just that. “Has this man caused you to change your religion?” he spat out.

No one has changed our religion,” they responded. “But God has changed our hearts.”

The angry men threatened to kill Rakesh. He stood firm and gently explained. “Jesus came to transform our lives and heal the brokenness in our hearts. It’s not about changing religions, that is not our goal here.” His words seemed to satisfy them.

Rakesh even told us that these same men now protect them from others who are not happy with their allegiance to Christ!  There is much more to tell about the ministry of Rakesh in India, but we will save  that for another time!

* Name has been changed for security reasons