More Christian Persecution in Nigeria

(From Christian News – Christian workers in Nigeria called for a day of prayer for this nation on November 27 after attacks by Fulani herdsmen struck again on November 24. According to Christian News (and quoting Morning Star News), “Suspected Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists on Friday (Nov. 24) attacked villages in Taraba state, Nigeria, killing at least 10 Christians, sources said.

“The assailants attacked an area from the Yangtu Special Development Area near Takum to villages in Ussa County at about 6 p.m., area residents said.

“Rampaging Muslim bandits on the evening of Friday, Nov. 24 attacked and killed over 10 Christians in some communities in Yangtu Development Area and Ussa Local Government Area,” area resident John Chinyang said in a text message to Morning Star News. “The bandits launched attacks against Rubur Ribasi, Nyicwu, and Ruwah communities of Yangtu Special Development Area.”

“Another resident, Yakubu Tinya, said “the terrorists” shot at anyone they saw. ‘Some the Christians were killed while they were returning from their farms, while others were killed in their houses in the affected villages,’ Tinya said in a text message.” The Taraba State is located on the mid-southeast portion of the country.

Much of the persecution has been Muslim Fulani on Christian Fulani violence. If you haven’t seen the brief Waiting World prayer video about the Fulani, you can watch it here: