Urgent Prayers Needed For Manipur, India

Just this week, an Indian pastor on the ground in India, and friend of thewaitingworld.blog and thewaitingworld.net messaged and pleaded with us to get the word out:  “PRAY FOR MANIPUR!” He said, “Brothers and Sisters in Christ are being killed brutally and terribly, thousands displaced and nearly 500 churches burnt or destroyed, two Christian women paraded being naked and raped, Pastor D’s head was chopped off and hung on the church fence, a baby and mother burned alive in an ambulance….much more has happened, but only a few things are coming to light in the last 79 days.  Our Hindu government is supporting the anti-Christians, our Internet is shut down…”. The videos he sent us were too violent to show here.  So please pray and feel free to share this post with your church family.

Recent news headlines have been broadcast about the horrific attack on two Kuki-Zumi women in the northeastern region of Manipur, India who were publicly stripped, mobbed, groped, and then gang raped by radicals on May 4th. Actually this ethnic-violence has been going on longer than May between the majority Meiteu and Kuki tribes, but the attack on the women caused thousands to come out in protest of the government and their lack of a response to this atrocity . So far, over 300 churches have been burned, over 130 people are dead, and thousands have been injured and displaced.  You can read more about the problem as described by Sky News here:  https://news.sky.com/story/manipur-protests-rock-indian-parliament-for-third-day-following-ethnic-violence-in-northeastern-state-12926866

While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly condemned the attack in May, the violence has continued and the people are demanding action.  However, Mr Modi has failed to speak out about the clashes between the politically-dominant Meitei Hindu community of the valley and the Christian Kuki-Zomi tribals who live in the hills.  The demonstrations outside parliament prompted Indian Home Minister Amit Shah to finally speak and say he was ready for a “discussion” with the opposition Congress party on the situation.