Pray for the Women of Afghanistan

The stories you’ve heard about the women of Afghanistan suffering under the harsh rule of the Taliban are true. Before the Taliban, women were educated and they had wonderful opportunities to go to college and become doctors, lawyers, and educators. Their lives were fulfilling and they were living normal lives, even going to weddings and parties.

Today that has changed. Women cannot leave their homes to go shopping. They must never leave their home unless fully covered and accompanied by a man. They are not allowed to read and learn. Food is scarce and expensive, and families are often hungry. Medical care is almost non-existent. A woman’s husband can be jailed for months with no trial and no charges filed. As you can imagine, depression among the women in Afghanistan is running rampant. Thoughts of suicide continually enter their minds, and they need two things: Jesus and hope! An American woman we know who reaches out to the women still in Afghanistan told us that after hearing the plight of one of her friends there, she couldn’t stop crying. Please, pray for Afghan women.

For a look at life in Afghanistan, here’s one of our prayer videos from Note: this video was produced before the nation fell to the Taliban. Click the following link: