Hindutva: Promoting radical nationalism

(This is the last part, for now, on our series about Hinduism which comes directly for Pray4SouthAsia.com. But, honestly, there’s so much more good information, that we are sure to come back and pick up on this again!

“Hindutva, or Hindu nationalism, aims to establish India as a Hindu nation, promoting a singular cultural and religious identity. (Note: remember there are also Muslims and Christians living in India.). This movement has accelerated radicalization and deepened communal divisions, adversely affecting the social fabric.  While this ideology has placed considerable pressure on churches and believers, it also serves to purify and strengthen genuine faith among believers.  Also, society is increasingly witnessing the negative impacts of such communalism, leading many to question its purposes.

“Pray that the divisive efforts of Hindutva would ultimately fail, exposing the harmful consequences of this extreme nationalism.

“Ask God to protect and strengthen His church in India, refining believers’ faith amid challenges.

“And, finally, pray for an awakening in Indian society, where more individuals recognize the need for peace and unity, turning to Jesus as their source of true reconciliation and hope.”

We proudly present another unreached people group video from thewaitingworld.net about the Bengali of India…some of them are Muslim and some are Hindu: