Persecuted But Fruitful

(From Note: Names are changed and photo is only representative for security reasons.  Amira came to Christ in 2015.  She was the first believer in a cluster of many villages and towns in a district of east India.  From that time, God has been using her in spreading the gospel.  In 2021 she faced severe persecution.  One wall of her house was completely destroyed in an attack.  After that, believers constructed a small shed for her and her family.  Amira has led many to Christ including several men and women who have now become key ministry leaders.  One of them, Sharif, now has a network of about 500 disciples!  Another, Mumtaz, recently led 19 people to faith and baptized them.

*Praise God for saving Amira and for using her to extend His Kingdom.

  • Praise God for making her and her key leaders very fruitful
  • Pray for even greater multiplication of new disciples in that district.
  • Pray for Amira to be able to repair the house and stay there again.