How Hasaan Met Jesus

(This true story is from The Crescent Project, This is an organization that that helps Christians as they seek to understand Islam and the importance of reaching out to Muslims with the Gospel of Christ. For privacy, the names and photos are changed.) Hasaan was born and raised in a Muslim household in Bangladesh. Both his parents followed Islam, but unbeknownst to him, his mother had been secretly reading the words of Jesus from a Bible given to her. She had quietly devoted her life to Jesus. As his mother became terminally ill, she could no longer keep her newfound faith a secret. She handed Hasaan her Bible and, as her dying wish, requested that he read it. Initially, Hasaan was outraged at his mother’s apparent betrayal of their faith. He called the Bible corrupt, questioning how four individuals could share identical stories about the same prophet without it being corrupt. His mother then explained that the convergence of the Gospels from diverse sources indicated their truth. This perspective was entirely new to Hasaan, prompting him to reconsider.

He embarked on a journey to compare the Bible with the Quran and explore the lives of Jesus and Mohammad. Two years later, after his mother’s passing, he moved to the United States. He sought answers by visiting several churches, most of which rejected him, except for one. This church warmly welcomed Hasaan, addressed his inquiries, and eventually, he surrendered his life to Jesus. He courageously shared his newfound faith with family and friends, enduring severe beatings and torture for his decision. Despite the persecution, he remained resolute in his faith.

Eventually he met his wife, who was also on a quest to discover Christ. Through Hasaan’s guidance she accepted Jesus, and they were baptized together. Today they have childen, and Hasaan testifies that God, in His grace, replaced the family he lost due to choosing Christ with an even greater one.

EDITORIAL NOTE:  This story shows something very important to understand about Muslim outreach. When, as a Christian, you develop a trusting friendship with a Muslim, results are rarely, if ever, instantaneous. Muslim evangelism is a process that takes many years of consistent connection. It is not a matter of technique, but trust and the work of the Holy Spirit. (Note: For security purposes photos and names used are representative of those in our stories)