Christians in Eritrea Need Our Prayers and Support

(From Voice of the Martyrs, VOM –

Our Christian brothers and sisters in Eritrea, a nation in East Africa governed by a totalitarian regime, urgently need our prayers and help!

Churches that are not among the government’s approved religions must meet secretly.  Christians who worship in government-banned congregations are regarded as enemies of the state and face imprisonment.  There are thought to be more than 350 Christians in prison in Eritrea.

The conditions inside these “prisons” are some of the harshest in the world.  Christian prisoners are provided meager rations and held in shipping containers in extreme desert conditions…searing heat by day and bitter cold by night.  Others have been held in underground cells without light or ventilation.

Some who have refused to renounce their faith in Christ have been kept behind bars for more than 15 years.  Christian prisoners are held without charge and without trials and they are forbidden from seeing their families.

When prisoners are released, they are blacklisted by the government.  They are unable to get jobs and are watched constantly.  These faithful brothers and sisters in Christ often need extended physical and emotional help.  And their family members may also lose opportunities.  Will you stand with them and provide much-needed support?

Your gifts provide help and support such as food, clothing, medical care and pastoral care, to more than 250 Christian prisoners and their families in Eritrea, as well as 200 Christians who have been released from prison. Another 400 refugees are now in Ethiopia, after they were forced to flee an attack by the Eritrean Army.  VOM also empowers and equips 50 Christian ministers in Eritrea.

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