“Christ gave me water”: an Iraqi woman’s testimony

(Following is a true testimony from a 37 year old woman from Iraq.  We’ll call her “M”.  It comes to us via Call Her Blessed, a ministry to women in the Middle East) – “Before knowing Christ, I suffered from traumas and identity loss. I used to hurt myself physically and tried to commit suicide more than once.

“Since I was a kid, I was looking for God the Father, but when I was growing up, I went though many difficulties, and I heard what my religion and community says about women:  they’re ‘IMPURE’, they have ‘NO VALUE’, they are ‘WEAK AND COME SECOND’.  I became depressed and started to take medicines that couldn’t help me get better.  Even relationships couldn’t satisfy me…I could only feel like I’m impure and dirty.

“I became an atheist for 4 years.  Then suddenly one day in 2018 I decided to end my life, but before doing it, I cried and said, ‘God, if You are here and can hear me, reveal Yourself to me now.’  Suddenly, God DID REVEAL Himself in a revelation as Jesus!  Three days later, Jesus came to me in a dream and gave me water.

“I got connected to a worker in Call Her Blessed ministry who explained to me all those dreams and told me more about Jesus and how much He loves me and I’m beautiful in His eyes.  I prayed with her and gave my life to Him.  Gradually, I began to see how my life started to change.  I also began to understand why I was created and that the Lord has a plan for my life and how I’m worthy and have value in Christ.

“I started the inner healing course and discipleship (program).  I also share my testimony to encourage women to let them know they have VALUE IN CHRIST.”  Please pray for “M” and women like her throughout Islam.