From One Church To 70!!

(From Pray4SouthAsia). For over a year, a group of Jesus-followers prayed for an Indian city. 
They did regular prayer-walks and prayer-drives, covering their city in prayer.  Then they met a person who was ready to follow Jesus.  They started to disciple him.  He led his family to Christ and a house-church was started in their home.  They continued to disciple the family and trained them in how to make other disciples.  As a result, some people believed and new groups were started.  After about 2 years, the few groups had multiplied to 70 house churches that were meeting regularly.

  • Praise God for the multiplication of new disciples and house churches in that city.
  • Pray for God to work in similar ways in many other urban centers of South Asia.
  • Pray for community transformation wherever God is doing something like this.