Buddha’s “4 Noble Truths” And The Path To “Enlightenment”

Today’s lesson is from Pray4SouthAsia.com. The Buddha taught 4 Noble Truths:  First, human beings are in a constant state of suffering. Second, suffering is a result of desire or craving, including the desire for a good thing. Third, suffering can cease if we let go of clinging on to desire. And, fourth, liberation from suffering comes through the 8-Fold-Path.

The Path To “Enlightenment” or the 8-Fold-Path is the teaching that human beings are caught in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth (reincarnation or ‘samsara’).  Freedom from ‘samsara’ is nearly impossible to attain.  But Buddha also taught that following the 8-Fold-Path increases the possibility of being liberated from this cycle.  The 8-Fold-Path claims to teach the right ways to live and that following it helps people make progress towards “Enlightenment” (or ‘nirvana’).  The 8-Fold-Path includes “right view” of the “4 Noble Truths” and is the basis for all other factors.  Following that is “right intentions” (or attitude), “right speech” (no slanderous or harsh speech); “right action” (act correctly); “right livelihood” (to live in a righteous way); “right effort” (overcoming unwholesome states of mind); “right mindfulness” (a whole body and mind awareness of the present moment); and, finally, “right concentration” (a distracted mind is a deluded mind.)

Pray for Buddhists to understand that we only live once, followed by judgement. Pray for them to understand that human self-effort does not lead to salvation.  Pray they accept the free gift of salvation through Jesus.

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