Hinduism Has Multiple Deities

(From Pray4SouthAsia) Followers of Hinduism worship many different gods, but we will only share two of of the major ones here: Vishnu and Shiva. The worship of Vishnu, “The Preserver”, or one of his incarnations as the manifestation of the divine is known as Vaishnavism. There are numerous Vaishnava groups with differing beliefs and aims. His incarnations include Krishna and Rama, and are thus are objects of devotion in and of themselves.

Shaivism is the worship of the god Rudra or Shiva and his incarnations. Shiva has been described as Creator, Destroyer, and, again, Preserver. The moral code of various Shaivite sects differ widely and may even appear contradictory. Worship of Shiva ranges from devotional worship to more extreme and esoteric practices.

PLEASE PRAY FOR: Hindu hearts and minds to be drawn to the one true living God; revelation of inconsistencies in Hindu belief systems; that followers will have life-changing encounters with the living God; and, finally, pray for conviction of sin, leading to repentance, transformation, and revival.