MORE Quakes Hit Turkey/Syrian Border

(Editor’s Note: Since we posted this story last night, at least one more earthquake, a 6.3 magnitude, hit the Turkey and Syrian border in the southern part of Turkey today. Initial reports say 3 people were killed and 213 were injured in Turkey, and more than 130 were injured in Syria. This comes two weeks after the region was devastated by the first quakes and aftershocks.)

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Organic in Colorado Springs, CO has front line partners on the ground in both Turkey and Syria working directly with the victims of the terrible earthquakes and aftershocks in those nations. The latest death totals estimates well over 41,000 people died there, and with recovery efforts still on-going, those numbers will likely to go higher. The survivors desperately need our help, and your tax deductible donations through YWAM Organic will get directly to the workers who oversee the distribution of those funds and materials into the hands of those who need it most.

Full disclosure: We, of The Waiting World website and blog, are on staff with YWAM Organic, and we certainly can testify of the integrity of the people managing the funds! YWAM Organic is unique among other YWAM campuses around the world in that we are not a training campus. Rather we strive to get more seasoned mission workers to the front lines and keep them mentally and emotionally healthy once they are there through Member Care. Finally, YWAM Organic stands ready to help your church get mobilized for missions! We assist churches as they train and send their own people to the mission fields. For more information on YWAM Organic, please visit:

For donations to Turkey, go to

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