Bangladesh: No “Peace On Earth” For Christians in One Village

(This story comes directly from frontline mission workers in Bangladesh.) “Today 3 Muslims of the same family have believed in the Lord Jesus as the Savior of sins and received baptism. They built their own baptistry in their home and got baptized! Then suddenly about 50 Muslim villagers came to that house. They asked why they became Christians? “Are Christians greedy? Who baptized you?”, and the villagers angrily asked many more questions. The new believers told them that Jesus is the Giver of salvation. He died on the cross and rose again on the third day to pay the penalty for our sins. “So we believed Him and willingly took baptism,” they said. The villagers threatened to attack the pastor and his family who performed the baptism. They have also threatened to attack the new believers if they leave their home. They threatened to burn their house…and then did! They want the new believers expelled from that village. Now they are grouping on the street at night against the new believers. The incident was reported to village leaders.”

PLEASE PRAY for these precious new, but homeless, believers (pictured above standing in their burned out home), who are learning first hand the cost of declaring Jesus as their Lord and Savior! And pray and declare that Jesus is Lord over Bangladesh!