Brave Believers

(Photo and stats from Pray4Asia) When you look into the eyes of these believers from Pakistan you may not realize it, but these are some of the bravest Christians you’ll ever see!  They are definitely on the “endangered list” of minorities in their nation.  Islam is the state religion of Pakistan, and over 233 million people are Muslim.  A little over 2% are Hindu, and Christians are an even smaller minority.  Out of a total of 833 people groups in Pakistan, 828 are considered unreached with the Gospel of Christ.  In Pakistan, Christians can “disappear” into a prison and, after a mock trial,  never be heard from again.  Such was the case with Niaz Kahn. A Pakistani Christian evangelist who refused to renounce Christ that we told you about a while back.  We heard that he was due to go to court at the end of June, but he hasn’t been heard from since. Can you imagine what it is like for his wife or child to not even know if he is alive or dead? It is illegal to convert to Christianity or to proselytize in Pakistan, a nation that is positioned between Afghanistan and India. Even so, churches there have members who want to be missionaries to the Muslims around them!  Please pray for God to appear in dreams and visions to the Muslims and Hindus of Pakistan and for hearts to be softened, and please pray, especially, for the persecuted, brave believers of that nation!